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Inspired by my very own engagement, printed on Frabriano deckled edged greeting cards.

fleuron detail


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testing, testing

one, two, three…..

you’ve got to start somewhere!   As a hobby letterpress printer based in london (it’s me and my adana), I am learning the ins and outs of creating beautiful letterpress. Every time i print there is a lesson to be learned – in the spirit of recording my development and sharing with others, my blog is born…  wish me luck!!

Today was a lesson in trial and error around the subject of ‘packing’.  A lot of error (and discarded type), a few trials and finally I came full circle – almost back to where I started.  But I’ve learned a few things along the way, and I am certainly much more adept at adjusting my Adana than ever before….

  • Packing which is too soft will literally ruin metal type within a few presses
  • The sharp edges are destroyed
  • Ink distribution is erratic
  • Paper – and light card, collapes and fractures under the pressure

I have reverted to circa 10 sheets of newspaper against the platen, 8 sheets of 80gsm printer paper, an overhead projector acetate sheet and finally, facing the type, the fogged x-ray film.

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