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Next time you’re in the market for a new violin, or your ‘cello needs repairing, drop by Tobye Le Vaillant’s Greenwich Strings studio at Deptford Cockpit Arts. Tobye hand crafts his stunning stringed instruments with attention to detail using traditional methods.

It is fitting, therefore, that his snappy new business cards have been hand printed with the same love and attention using traditional letterpress.

Love the f holes, Tobye!


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Greeting cards are an excellent vehicle for experimenting with lay-out and mixing colours on the press. Usually, I make them based on my own demand for greeting cards; this batch was inspired by some clever friends publishing their first book (‘congratulations’) and my generous friend who helped me get to Paris last weekend for a fabulous day at Roland Garros (‘thanks’) – lucky me!

I like the idea of a simple message (as most greeting cards are) – followed up with an ‘in other words’ statement – a fun way to emphasise the point.

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