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I don’t even like gherkins – in fact, I would go so far as to say I despise gherkins!  Don’t ask me then, what inspired the term ‘Great Gherkins!!’, or indeed, what it means. I suspect the lure of simple alliteration endeared this phrase to me when dreaming up random greetings. I love these cards for the marriage of quirky text and traditional design and setting.

The boarders comprise individual fleuron elements, which are so flexible and offer unlimited design configurations. BUT – their use is not without setting and  printing challenges, which ensures I’m always learning / troubleshooting….. (but that’s half the fun, right?!). I’ll have some more fleuron fancies to share soon – stay tuned.

Of similar design and less obscure meaning is the Happy Birthday greeting card – already sent out to a few lucky birthday boys and girls.


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