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Merry Christmas!

This year my present to myself was 3 founts of type; Broadway, Heavy script and Dorchester script.

As you’ll see from the pictures, these are all second hand and will require a bit of a clean up to get into tip-top shape before printing. Before jumping into any projects using the new fonts I decided to test them out by making a vital stats postcard.

Here are some snaps:




A lot of Dorchester script, which needs a jolly good clean up

Can you believe the Broadway and Dorchester script are both 18pt?!?


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Here’s the second of my Christmas 2010 cards.

I’ve borrowed peep-hole style effect (see one of my earlier posts – It’s Love!) – which worked well then, and I think it works well here too.  I’ve also borrowed lyrics from a well loved christmas carol (Oh! Christmas tree, Oh! Christmas tree …etc) to accompany the christmas tree peep-hole.

Hmmm, I should stop here and admit I don’t actually know any other words to this carol – just the tune – which was subject of many silly childhood verses.  I thought I’d remedy my ignorance in honour of this blog post, but having looked at 3 different Christmas carol websites, I’ve found 3 different versions of the carol. What are the official words? It seems the only lyrics all versions can agree on are the opening lines of Oh! Christmas tree, Oh! Christmas tree… so let’s leave it at that.

I love that this card opens up to reveal a fancy fleuron tree design – ready to be decorated or the perfect centrepiece for a Christmas message to family and friends.

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It’s been jolly freezing in London lately.

The cold, snow and sleet thus became the inspiration for my first batch of Christmas cards for 2010.  I’ve used a combo of a hand drawn boarder and water colour festive stripes to complement my favourite Typewriter font.  Unfortunately my collection of type is limited at the moment, but I love the idea of mixing and matching letterpress with other crafty media to extend the creative possibilities.

This card was designed to send to friends and family back home in Australia, so the inner message message was pretty easy to compose –  ‘Merry Christmas from London, we’re freezing our baubles off!’

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I first came across fleurons whilst browsing the  The Happy Dragons’ Press site, an informative collection of letterpress history, printing tips and a well stocked shop for some essentials. So I promptly bought a bunch and have been using them regularly on greeting cards since.

Fleurons provide an endless variety of patterns and also challenge me on the press – especially in this example where I struggled a little with the registration (alignment) of colours.  I’ve since been working out smarter ways of making sure my colours line up (that is, smarter than trial and error, but within the constraints of my limited studio resources!)  Let’s just say the old overhead projector acetate sheets (pilfered during an office move some time ago) are proving very useful! I’ll take some working pics and provide a more informative explanation another day – perhaps when I attempt a similar design to this, but with my new found wisdom in registration.

Here are my fleuron fancies…

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Letterpress in London

Letterpress lovers in London should get themselves to Standpoint Gallery, just off Old St, for a fantastic exhibition featuring letterpress works from contributers across the globe.

The exhibition is curated by the folk of  New North Press, and runs until January 22, 2011 (with a little break for Christmas).

Very very inspirational!

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Family wedding

It’s been way too long between blog posts – somehow the second part of 2010 has slipped away, and while I have been busy at the press occassionally, it has not been as often as I would like, nor have i got around to posting updates on my fledging blog!!  Hopefully today’s post is the first of several catch-ups I have in the offing….

When my brother and his (then girl-friend, now) wife announced they were engaged, the second thing I said to them (after ‘Congratulations!’) was ‘Can I do your wedding invitations?’.  They are based in Sydney, so for me, all the way over here in London, it was an honour to contribute to their wedding from afar.

The wedding day, back in November, was gorgeous day in Richmond, just out of Hobart in Tasmania.  Congratulations Jeremy and Alia and thanks for letting me create your invitations!

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