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So – my first experimentation with the good wood was to make some (long overdue) personal stationery for Moira and Greg, my lovely friends who are about to make the exciting move into their very own flat in London.

These are simple cards, printed on Somerset paper, with a some-what improvised M&G monogram (I only had a ‘W’, but ‘M’ is just about close enough to an upside down W to get away with….).  Red and black are my favourite letterpress colour combo, so it was a no brainer to go for the classic look for this set. The soft texture of the paper shows off the new type beautifully – mmmm..

Here’s to Moira and Greg writing greeting notes to everyone on their fancy new stationery!


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The acquisition of some wood type has been a long time coming. Last weekend we enjoyed a superb day in the sun down in Brighton, and whilst pottering around the markets came across a letter-press stall selling individual letters or all depictions and descriptions.

This encounter motivated me – once we leave London I know it will be much harder to come across back in Australia, so I’m on a mission to build up a small collection, and quick smart!

Here’s my first acquisition – I don’t even know what this font is called, but it reminds me of lettering from a western-style movie, exagerated by the elongated proportions.  The quality of print is completely different from metal type – check out my next post for some up close shots of my first printing adventure with the good wood.

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