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…amazing to have an extensive collection of type faces to play with!

During my final weeks in London I’ve been going through an accelerated acquisition phase in the interests of expanding my meagre collection.  Here are the latest members of my type-face family.  No time for experimenting with it just yet – as packing has begun – but it will be a real treat to print with as soon as I’m back in Australia.


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In six week’s time, I’ll be packing up my worldly goods into a shipping crate bound for the other side of the planet. This includes my letterpress and  equipment accumulated over the past 2 years.

I’m excited about moving from London home to Australia, BUT the move presents a problem: how do I ensure every piece of metal type stays in the correct tray compartment through-out the packing, transit, shipping and unpacking process?

Perhaps now is a good time to disclose I already have one try of unsorted (pied) 8pt type, thanks to a pair of helping hands being not so helpful in a previous move. I’m sure there’s still some gutter debris in that particular tray which spilled onto the road, and 18 months later remains unsorted. I could not bear to face 15 trays of unsorted type as a ‘welcome to Australia’ present.

Any ideas please?!?!

– – I don’t want to have to sort the sort when I get home!!

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I acquired my first set of type before I knew too much about letterpress, at the 2008 Handmade and Bound book and zine fair, held at St Aloysius Social Club near Euston, London. Amongst the stacks of gorgeous handmade books and awesome zines, I found this little beauty – a full alphabet of what looks like typewriter font, hand cut out of erasers!

How very impressive – I think this was the product someone’s college design project. Can you imagine the patience that went into crafting these?

PS: I will not be printing with these on the Adana!

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