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There’s nothing like marking time – and rolling your eyes in disbelief that yet  another year has nearly passed – by making Christmas cards. This is my third Christmas as a letterpress printer, but the first I’ve been organised enough to get printing well before 25/12. Each previous year I’ve made cards for personal use – but this year I’m expanding – woop woop! If you like what you see you can visit my new Etsy shop and get your mits on some fabulous hand made Christmas stationery.

Here are some sneak peeks of what’s on offer.

As you can probably tell, my cards have been heavily influenced by some of my favourite carols (and the slightly ridiculous prospect of printing fa la la la la la la la la on a card!). I was also very excited to incorporate wooden type into Ding Dong, which is actually a concept re-worked from the first year I had the press.

Also on offer are some festive gift tags which will help snazz up the dullest of gifts (socks for Dad again??).


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In six week’s time, I’ll be packing up my worldly goods into a shipping crate bound for the other side of the planet. This includes my letterpress and  equipment accumulated over the past 2 years.

I’m excited about moving from London home to Australia, BUT the move presents a problem: how do I ensure every piece of metal type stays in the correct tray compartment through-out the packing, transit, shipping and unpacking process?

Perhaps now is a good time to disclose I already have one try of unsorted (pied) 8pt type, thanks to a pair of helping hands being not so helpful in a previous move. I’m sure there’s still some gutter debris in that particular tray which spilled onto the road, and 18 months later remains unsorted. I could not bear to face 15 trays of unsorted type as a ‘welcome to Australia’ present.

Any ideas please?!?!

– – I don’t want to have to sort the sort when I get home!!

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So – my first experimentation with the good wood was to make some (long overdue) personal stationery for Moira and Greg, my lovely friends who are about to make the exciting move into their very own flat in London.

These are simple cards, printed on Somerset paper, with a some-what improvised M&G monogram (I only had a ‘W’, but ‘M’ is just about close enough to an upside down W to get away with….).  Red and black are my favourite letterpress colour combo, so it was a no brainer to go for the classic look for this set. The soft texture of the paper shows off the new type beautifully – mmmm..

Here’s to Moira and Greg writing greeting notes to everyone on their fancy new stationery!

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