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So – my first experimentation with the good wood was to make some (long overdue) personal stationery for Moira and Greg, my lovely friends who are about to make the exciting move into their very own flat in London.

These are simple cards, printed on Somerset paper, with a some-what improvised M&G monogram (I only had a ‘W’, but ‘M’ is just about close enough to an upside down W to get away with….).  Red and black are my favourite letterpress colour combo, so it was a no brainer to go for the classic look for this set. The soft texture of the paper shows off the new type beautifully – mmmm..

Here’s to Moira and Greg writing greeting notes to everyone on their fancy new stationery!


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At first glance, I hope, one is compelled to take a second look – the card looks pretty enough, but it’s not really that good to be a ‘one trick pony’ is it..?

BUT – check the fine print (or in this case, the blind debossed print), this card actually pays a compliment, albeit a backhanded one that might require the recipient to think for a second, and hopefully smile!

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It’s been jolly freezing in London lately.

The cold, snow and sleet thus became the inspiration for my first batch of Christmas cards for 2010.  I’ve used a combo of a hand drawn boarder and water colour festive stripes to complement my favourite Typewriter font.  Unfortunately my collection of type is limited at the moment, but I love the idea of mixing and matching letterpress with other crafty media to extend the creative possibilities.

This card was designed to send to friends and family back home in Australia, so the inner message message was pretty easy to compose –  ‘Merry Christmas from London, we’re freezing our baubles off!’

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