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Vanessa and Jason were married on a sunny day in January under a gigantic oak tree on a beautiful estate in Tasmania.

The ceremony was followed by a garden party sporting champagne, croquet and quoits. The bride recited a poem she wrote about their love, which left most guests misty eyed. The groom made an amazing spoof music video that paid homage to his new bride, which also left guests with tears (of laughter).

They’re a pretty amazing couple!


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Here’s a little bit about the process that went into making these wedding invitations recently.

I’ll go into more detail around the concept next-time; today I’d like to focus on the rather extended design and construction process, which included: copy writing; layout and design of body text and graphic content; (digital) printing of inner pages; letterpress printing of cover; hand-sewing to stitch binding; book-press time to flatten booklets; and, finally, manual trimming of inner pages.

Times that effort by nearly 100 booklets!

Here’s the finished product, plus a few snaps of the journey taken…

The finished product

Sew much work yet to go!Out of the book press - flat as a pancake!

TTrimmed & terrific!I’m still tossing up ideas of how to achieve a complemtary look for wedding church booklets, but through a slightly more expeditious process…. Ideas, anyone?

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Family wedding

It’s been way too long between blog posts – somehow the second part of 2010 has slipped away, and while I have been busy at the press occassionally, it has not been as often as I would like, nor have i got around to posting updates on my fledging blog!!  Hopefully today’s post is the first of several catch-ups I have in the offing….

When my brother and his (then girl-friend, now) wife announced they were engaged, the second thing I said to them (after ‘Congratulations!’) was ‘Can I do your wedding invitations?’.  They are based in Sydney, so for me, all the way over here in London, it was an honour to contribute to their wedding from afar.

The wedding day, back in November, was gorgeous day in Richmond, just out of Hobart in Tasmania.  Congratulations Jeremy and Alia and thanks for letting me create your invitations!

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