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The acquisition of some wood type has been a long time coming. Last weekend we enjoyed a superb day in the sun down in Brighton, and whilst pottering around the markets came across a letter-press stall selling individual letters or all depictions and descriptions.

This encounter motivated me – once we leave London I know it will be much harder to come across back in Australia, so I’m on a mission to build up a small collection, and quick smart!

Here’s my first acquisition – I don’t even know what this font is called, but it reminds me of lettering from a western-style movie, exagerated by the elongated proportions.  The quality of print is completely different from metal type – check out my next post for some up close shots of my first printing adventure with the good wood.


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Merry Christmas!

This year my present to myself was 3 founts of type; Broadway, Heavy script and Dorchester script.

As you’ll see from the pictures, these are all second hand and will require a bit of a clean up to get into tip-top shape before printing. Before jumping into any projects using the new fonts I decided to test them out by making a vital stats postcard.

Here are some snaps:




A lot of Dorchester script, which needs a jolly good clean up

Can you believe the Broadway and Dorchester script are both 18pt?!?

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